CDL Pre Trip Inspection: 7 Tips To Exceed It Not Just Pass It

If you are a commercial driver, you want to make sure that you take the time to thoroughly go through a pre-trip inspection every 24 hours. This could save your life and others’ lives! You should never put yourself and others in danger because you are too lazy to go through the checklist required in the inspection thoroughly.

It is also completely illegal to drive without checking for truck defects every 24 hours. And the consequences of failing a inspection could mean losing your job or worse, losing your life. Although there is no time limit to how long you need to take to go through the inspection, you should take an hour or so to complete the task. An hour a day to save the rest of your life and others’ lives doesn’t seem like a high price.

We want to make sure that you don’t just speed through the pre-trip inspection. We strongly urge you to go through every part of the truck that needs to be checked every 24 hours. Don’t just meet the minimum requirements by glimpsing over all items, try to exceed them by scruciating each area that needs to be checked.
Next time you perform your CDL pre-trip inspection, remember to double check the following:

Chock your wheels

Before you do anything, chock your wheels first to ensure your safety while going through the pre-inspection. This way you won’t forget to chock your wheels since you’ll be checking various elements of your truck and wouldn’t want the truck to move even slightly in any way. Sildigra


When a time comes where a CDL inspector inspects your truck, you want to portray yourself as neat as possible. Sometimes a messy truck may bias your inspector and lead them to judge and think that you are messy. They will predict that you will be missing something on the CDL inspection, so he or she will check with scrutiny. Keeping your truck clean and removing loose objects from it will help prevent flying objects in the unfortunate event of an accident.


Don’t just do your standard in-cab checks. Check your brakes from the outside too. Your car’s brakes work hard and should be made sure that the wear and tear is not major enough to endanger you and others. Also check brake chamber air lines to see that they are not leaking and in good condition.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Emergency Kit

Double check to make sure that all that is contained in the emergency kit including the fire extinguisher is ready to work properly if and when an emergency were to occur. The following are required and must be included in your kit:

  1. Spare electrical fuses (unless vehicle has circuit breakers)
  2. Three red reflective triangles
  3. Properly charged and rated fire extinguisher


Reflectors are just as important as the lights on your car! It’ll increase your car’s visibility on the road. The reflectors and reflective strips need to be free of dirt and cracks or you could get a violation for it. Without properly working reflectors you’re taking a big risk in causing a highly preventable accident.


Make sure that your seatbelt looks sturdy and without frayed edges. It’s impossible to keep your seatbelt in complete brand new condition. However, if your seatbelt is worn and torn more than a normal amount, then it’s probably time to replace those guys. You want to make sure that your seat belt runs in and out from the mechanism without abruption. Nizagara

Wheel Lug Nuts

There are many problems that may arise if you don’t properly check your wheels, but most common culprits are wheel fasteners. One loose lug nut can mean a loose wheel which can really cause danger. If rims have been painted, sometimes this may mean that someone was trying to cover up the rusted areas of the area around the lug nuts. Take precautions and really scrutinize all the bolts and bolt holes.
Safe driving, CDL drivers!We hope you listen to our advice and make sure you triple check next time you do your CDL pre-trip inspection. If you have any questions regarding traffic violations or inspection violations , call the Law Offices of Brandon White.