Chandler Solicitation Lawyer

Arizona state law notes that there are certain activities that no person may request or pursue without facing legal consequences. While these activities are most often believed to be sexual in nature, the solicitation of violent acts can also result in significant jail time for both the enactor and the requestee.

If you have been accused of solicitation, be it sexual or otherwise, you need a talented and experience defense attorney representing you. A Chandler solicitation lawyer may dissect the case leveled against you during an initial consultation and work to gather evidence to challenge the charge in question and ensure your side of the story get told and your rights are protected.

Understanding Solicitation Charges

Let’s break down some of the relevant Arizona Laws. flashing police car lights

The definition of “solicitation” is outlined by Arizona Revised Statutes §13-1002. This statute notes that solicitation constitutes any request on the part of one party for another to perform activities deemed illegal by the state and nation. This can include but is not limited to sexual acts, the sale of drugs, and the harming of another party.

According to ARS §13-3209, the person who solicits the aforementioned activities can face as many consequences, if not more, than the party who performed those activities. A person’s first conviction can result in up to 15 days in jail in addition to treatment programs. Secondary convictions can result in fines of up to $2,000 and 30 days in jail.

These fines and affiliated stints in jail only increase with a person’s additional convictions. Parties brought up on solicitation charges may additionally face felony or misdemeanor charges depending on the acts in which they allegedly engaged. In these instances, the parties who requested illegal services of another person will face more serious consequences than those parties who engaged in the illegal behavior. A Chandler attorney could go over the differences between solicitating a felony or misdemeanor offense.

Can a Person Be Charged with Both Solicitation and Prostitution?

policeman standing with his back turnedWhile solicitation and prostitution have a fair amount of overlap in the eyes of the law, it is rare for a person to be charged with both solicitation and prostitution. To prostitute oneself is to offer sex acts in exchange for some form of compensation. To solicit sex acts, comparatively, is to request oral sex, penetration, or some other form of engagement in exchange for compensation.

That said, parties who solicit sex acts from a minor between the ages of 15 and 17, under the age of 15, or without knowing their partner’s age can face charges of prostitution in the place of the minor. To learn more about solicitation charges, interested parties should meet with a Chandler lawyer.

Work with a Chandler Solicitation Attorney

Solicitation charges come with serious consequences. The circumstances surrounding your case can see you face a significant amount of time in jail/prison, lengthy probation terms and substantial fines. The good news is that you do not have to defend against these charges on your own. Instead, if you find yourself contending with accusations that you do not understand, you could work with a Chandler solicitation lawyer.

Our experienced Team could help you understand through what avenues the charges in question were brought against you and what defense may best suit your needs. Do not let criminal charges upend your life. Contact our office today to get started.