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Are you looking to apply to ALTCS, either for yourself, or a loved one? Unsure about the process or program? Wondering how an Elder Law Attorney can help? Look no further – on this page, you will find information on the ALTCS Medicaid program, the application process, and the benefits of hiring an experienced Lake Havasu City ALTCS Medicaid Lawyer.

What is ALTCS?

middle aged woman with an elderly woman holding handsTo start, it’s important to understand that ALTCS is Medicaid and Medicaid is ALTCS. The Arizona Long-Term Care System, also known as ALTCS, is Arizona’s Medicaid program and is a program that helps Arizona residents 65 and older who require nursing home-level treatment or care, pay for that care. Essentially, ALTCS is the Arizona-specific branch of the federal Medicaid program in the US. Under Medicaid, ALTCS offers substantial financial aid to those with qualifying disabilities or medical conditions. Those covered and approved by Medicaid through ALTCS have the option of choosing from nursing home, assisted living and in some limited circumstances, in-home care.

Who is ALTCS for?

ALTCS considers both financial and non-financial requirements for applicants. Here’s who ALTCS is meant for:

  • Seniors who have difficulty completing “activities of daily living also known as ADL’s,” such as bathing, toileting, dressing, and feeding oneself, getting in and out of bed, etc. and in need of that level of care equivalent to that of an assisted living, nursing home or memory care.
  • Seniors who would be unable to pay for long-term assisted living for themselves or for their spouse, meaning they have or will just run out of money.

To be eligible for ALTCS, you must:

  • Medically Needy: You need help with your ADL’s and be deemed to require nursing-home
  • Financially Needy – Since this is a needs-based program funded by tax dollars. ALTCS requires all applicants meet strict INCOME and ASSETS Limits in order to qualify for the program.
  • Be a citizen or qualifying immigrant
  • Have a valid Social Security number (or are currently applying for one)
  • Be a resident of Arizona
  • Live in or have chosen an approved living facility, or an AHCCCS qualified nursing home or assisted living arrangement & one who has agreed to accept ALTCS/Medicaid.

Medical Requirements

Applicants for the Medicaid program will be assessed through a process known as a Pre-Admission Screening. Essentially, you meet with a medical social worker or nurse who will look over your medical history and needs to determine your eligibility. Keep in mind that you are trying to demonstrate need for the program, so it is important to be open and honest about your medical or physical restrictions.

Financial Requirements

hand adding on a calculatorSince ALTCS is a form of need-based aid, your assets, income, and resources will be closely evaluated. If you are a single person meaning you are not married, your “countable” resources must be less than $2,000. Here’s how ALTCS breaks down countable versus uncounted resources for unmarried applicants:

altcs table graph


As far as income is concerned, your wages, Social Security, and other forms of income can be counted – Medicaid allows for a maximum total income of $2,382.

For married couples, the restrictions and application strategy change drastically. The joint income allowed rises to $4,636 per month, and assets may be redistributed in order to ensure that the applying spouse qualifies.

How Can a Medicaid Attorney Help?

When it comes to applying for ALTCS, the process can be tedious and hard to navigate. In fact,  it’s been said that an estimated 70% of new first-time applicants get denied. Our qualified Elder Law attorneys can help take the stress away from your Medicaid application process and even advocate for you with the assigned ALTCS Case Workers while keeping you informed of the progress along the way. If you are over the income limit OR have too much in assets, Our qualified Lake Havasu ALTCS Planning Attorneys have the know-how to use the Medicaid exemptions and planning strategies to your benefit to give you the best chance possible at getting that approval.

If you live in the Lake Havasu City, Arizona area or anywhere in Mohave County and are needing to move into assisted living or nursing home OR you have been told you should apply for ALTCS, don’t go it alone, call our Lake Havasu City ALTCS Lawyers at The Law Offices of Brandon White who would be happy to help you navigate the ALTCS application process by making sure you are advocated for.

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