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Kingman Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or someone you know are facing any criminal charges in Kingman, Arizona then you should reach out to our Team of Experienced Kingman Criminal Defense Lawyers to help you navigate your case and work towards the best outcome possible. Our accomplished attorneys could defend you against both misdemeanor and felony charges.

Common Misdemeanor Crimes in Kingman

Misdemeanors are less serious offenses than felonies but can still result in severe punishments. Examples of Misdemeanor Offenses can include:

  • Open Container
  • DUI – Driving Under the Influence
  • DUI – Drugs
  • Excessive Speed/Criminal Speed
  • Shoplifting
  • Littering on a Highway
  • Endangerment
  • Reckless Driving
  • Assault
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Driving on a Suspended Driver’s License
  • Leaving the Scene of a Non-Injury Accident
  • Failure to Stop at Port of Entry (Commercial Vehicle Drivers)
  • Commercial Driver with No Seat Belt

If your case occurred in or near Kingman, AZ and it involves only misdemeanor violations, chances are your Case is out of either Kingman Municipal Court or Kingman Cerbat Justice Court. Both courts are within the city limits of Kingman, Arizona. With both courts, a prosecuting attorney will be assigned and you may be required to appear so it’s critical to get a defense attorney on your side to help ensure your rights are protected. In many misdemeanor cases, our Criminal Defense Lawyers in Kingman can appear in court on your behalf for most of your case minimizing the interruptions of your life.

Impact of Felony Offenses

Felonies are serious crimes that can result in substantial fines, jail time, or both. Examples of Felony Charges can include:

  • Aggravated DUI
  • Hit and Run – Leaving Scene of a Serious Injury Collision
  • Firearm Related Offense
  • Robbery
  • Drug Charges
  • Aggravated Assault

Felony charges can carry potentially serious and life-long consequences including: Prison Time, Probation, Community Service, Restitution, Fines, Loss of the ability to own and possess a firearm, Losing your Voting Rights. In addition, a felony charge carries with it a life-long felony conviction on your record which could affect the ability to get hired by employers or pass background checks even years in the future.

If your case involves at least one felony charge than your case is out of Mohave County Superior Court.  The Court is also within the city limits of Kingman, AZ. For felony cases, you are almost always required to appear in-person at all your court appearances. Hereto, a prosecuting attorney will be assigned to prosecute the case against you so it’s critical that you have a competent Kingman defense attorney in your corner to help advocate for you.

What if I haven’t actually been charged by Police yet?

Even if you have not yet been charged by the police nor have any actual court date or court case open, we suggest reaching out to our experienced criminal defense lawyers to help guide you on next steps. Fact is, many times there are things that can be done, reviewed and followed up with by your attorney which could help minimize what charges you are facing and, in some cases, help prevent you being charged all together. This could include reaching out to prosecutors and investigating officers to show them there’s no case.

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If you are being investigated for any criminal matter or are facing actual charges out of a Kingman Court, don’t wait call the Law Office of Brandon White for a complimentary strategy session. A Kingman criminal defense lawyer could be a vital ally in your case.

“Attorney Brandon White is a former State Police Officer/Trooper and his Team of criminal defense attorneys are almost all former prosecutors. Let us put this experience to work for you.”

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