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If you are facing allegations that you embezzled money or property, you probably feel a great deal of stress and worry. Working with a knowledgeable theft attorney who understands the complexities of the local legal system could help ease your mind.

You need a qualified Gilbert embezzlement lawyer at The Law Firm of Brandon White to fight for your rights and help you navigate your case. A strong legal team could advocate for you from arrest to sentencing, explaining all the steps along the way.


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What Is The Legal Definition of Embezzlement?

Embezzlement occurs when a person withholds money for the purpose of converting or transferring that money for the embezzler’s own personal use.

Although embezzlement is a type of theft crime, it is different from most others. In the majority of these crimes, the thief has no legitimate access to the stolen property. In an embezzlement situation, a fiduciary relationship usually exists between the thief and the alleged victim. This means the embezzler is initially in a position of trust and has some legitimate access to or control of the property. Embezzlement occurs when a person in charge of handling money for another person or company dishonestly takes some of the money for their own benefit.

Well-versed local Gilbert attorneys could examine each case and develop unique defense strategies. An assigned Gilbert prosecutor would need to prove that the defendant intentionally took the other person’s assets. A seasoned embezzlement attorney could help a defendant find evidence to prove that they only mistakenly transferred the property to themselves.

Common Examples of Embezzlement in Gilbert, Arizona

Embezzlement occurs when people in positions of trust take a portion of the money they are in charge of handling. Sometimes, people borrow small amounts of money because they are in financial trouble. Other times, people take money because they feel that nobody will notice that they took it. Regardless of the reason behind the theft, embezzlement is still a crime.

Commonly, embezzlement occurs in the following situations:

  • A caretaker for an elderly, frail, or disabled person taking their client’s property or money
  • A family member taking advantage of their elderly or disabled relative’s condition by writing checks to themselves or using their relative’s credit cards for their personal gain
  • A financial advisor taking their clients’ money, such as by dipping into their clients’ trust fund
  • A store clerk or cashier failing to register a sale and pocketing the cash
  • A worker creating false bills and false sales
  • A person creating a complex Ponzi scheme to defraud their investors
  • A worker abusing their company’s corporate credit card
  • A bank teller removing money from a bank’s cash drawer

Embezzlement can involve a one-time theft of a small amount of money, or it can involve a complex scheme to defraud a corporation of millions of dollars. A strong team of attorneys has extensive experience helping with all types of embezzlement crimes.

Contact a Gilbert Embezzlement Attorney Today

If you suspect that you are under investigation for embezzlement, you should take action now. The sooner you get help from a Gilbert embezzlement lawyer, the better. A knowledgeable attorney could help answer all your questions about your case and develop effective strategies to defend you.

With their years of experience, they know how to effectively handle all kinds of embezzlement charges. They know how to investigate cases to find any weaknesses and use those weaknesses as leverage and within negotiations to work for the best possible outcome for the client. They also have the skills to negotiate with prosecutors in order to achieve the best possible result. Let our team of defense attorneys fight to protect your future. Reach out to The Law Firm of Brandon White today.

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