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Phoenix Restricted License Lawyer in Arizona

If you have received a notice that the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department has suspended your license, it is easy to assume that you will not be able to drive for the duration of the suspension. However, Arizona recognizes that people need to be able to drive to care for their families and to commute to work. As a result, some people may be eligible to seek out a restricted license or permit, but it is never a guarantee.

A Gilbert restricted license lawyer may be able to help you to regain these limited driving privileges. An experienced DUI attorney could help determine your eligibility for the program, gather the paperwork necessary to submit an application and perform any other necessary follow-up tasks.


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What Is a Restricted Driver’s License?

A restricted driver’s license is a special form of license available to people who have lost their driving privileges due to a DUI case. Here, a driver may regain their right to drive prior to the statutorily mandated suspension period under Arizona Revised Statute § 28-1381 if they can show that they have taken sufficient steps to responsibly drive in the future.

These steps can include:

  • Serving at least 90 days of license suspension
  • Obtaining proof of financial responsibility through an SR22 policy for at least three years
  • Installing an ignition interlock system
  • Complying with all relevant alcohol treatment program

Receiving this license is not a full reinstatement of one’s driving privileges. They can only operate a vehicle to drive to work, school, doctor appointments, or to visit children.

A Gilbert restricted license attorney could help individuals to evaluate whether they may be eligible to receive these licenses and take the necessary legal steps to acquire them.

Regaining the Right to Drive Through a Restricted Permit

While a request for a restricted license only occurs when a driver specifically asks for it, the state will also issue automatic driver’s permits related to DUI cases. For many people, the MVD will automatically mail a restricted permit between 22-30 days after the suspension period starts. This gives a person the temporary right to drive once 30 days of the suspension have passed. In addition, people seeking out these permits must be able to prove that they have obtained car insurance for at least three years beyond their date of license reinstatement.


The purpose of the permit is to allow a person with a DUI conviction to take the steps necessary to work towards a full restricted license. These can include traveling to counseling sessions, going to school, or traveling to work. A Gilbert Traffic lawyer could provide more information about the restricted permit and how it differs from restricted licenses.

Let a Gilbert Restricted License Attorney Help You Regain Your Ability to Drive

Allegations involving DUI cases are serious matters. In addition to any financial or criminal penalties, courts must suspend a guilty party’s driver’s license. Having a driver’s license is vital to a person’s ability to go to school, earn a living, or spend time with children. Therefore, obtaining a restricted license or permit may grant limited driving privileges while a license is still under suspension.

A Gilbert restricted license lawyer could help you to regain the right to drive. This includes evaluating your eligibility, helping you to take the necessary steps in installing an interlock device, contacting the MVD, and submitting a formal application. Contact our Team now to get started.

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