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Special Needs Trust Lawyers in Gilbert, AZ

Secure a brighter future for your loved ones with our experienced special needs trust attorney in Gilbert, Arizona. At the Law Offices of Brandon White, we help establish special needs trusts in Arizona tailored to your family's unique circumstances.

What Is a Special Needs Trust & How Does It Work in Arizona?

A Special Needs Trust (SNT) is a legal instrument designed to preserve the financial security of individuals with disabilities. It allows funds to be set aside for the beneficiary without affecting their eligibility for needs-based government benefits such as SSI and Medicaid. Special needs trust rules in Arizona ensure that assets in an SNT are used to supplement the beneficiary's needs, enhancing their quality of life. Whether it's an SSI and special needs trust or a Medicaid special needs trust, an SNT safeguards your loved one's financial well-being.

Who Qualifies for a Special Needs Trust in Gilbert, AZ?

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To qualify for a special needs trust in Phoenix, the beneficiary must meet the special needs trust requirements:

  • Diagnosed with a physical, mental, or developmental disability;
  • Receiving needs-based government benefits;
  • Require financial support for ongoing care and needs.

How Special Needs Trusts Can Be Used?

Special needs trusts (SNTs) are designed to supplement the assistance provided by Medicaid (AHCCCS and ALTCS) or SSI for individuals with disabilities. By placing funds in a special needs trust, they're set aside for specific uses and not counted towards public benefits eligibility. However, it's essential to use the funds for approved expenses, as inappropriate expenditures may lead a disabled person to denial or disqualification from public benefits.

Trustees can spend money from trust funds on the following types of expenses:

  • Home maintenance and repair;
  • School tuition and books;
  • Appropriate entertainment expenses;
  • Supplemental caregiver expenses;
  • Trust management expenses;
  • Prepaid burial plans;
  • Medical services not covered by public benefits;
  • Clothing and other personal care.

Types of Special Needs Trusts

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First Party Special Needs Trust

A First Party Special Needs Trust (F-SNT), also known as a 1st party special needs trust or first-party special needs trust, is established using the beneficiary's assets. It's designed to protect their government benefits eligibility while providing for their additional needs.

Third-Party Special Needs Trust

A Third Party Special Needs Trust (T-SNT) or 3rd party special needs trust, is created using assets from someone other than the beneficiary. Often, parents or relatives set up a T-SNT as part of their estate plan to ensure their loved one's financial security. Establishing a special needs trust in Gilbert with a trusted attorney is essential for effective long-term planning.

Pooled Special Needs Trust

A special needs pooled trust combines resources from multiple beneficiaries with disabilities. Managed by a non-profit organization, the pooled trust separates funds into individual accounts while collectively investing and managing them for the beneficiary's benefit.

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Don't leave your family member or loved one's future to chance. Schedule a consultation with a dedicated attorney for special needs trust at the Law Offices of Brandon White to discuss your options and secure your future today.

Benefits of a Special Needs Trust

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Establishing a Special Needs Trust (SNT) provides numerous advantages for individuals with disabilities and their families. Creating a special needs trust as part of your estate planning ensures your loved one's financial security without jeopardizing their government benefits eligibility. Some of the special needs trust benefits include:

  • Preserving eligibility for needs-based government benefits;
  • Providing financial support for ongoing care and additional needs;
  • Protecting the beneficiary's assets from creditors;
  • Allowing for a more flexible and personalized approach to managing funds.

How Special Needs Trusts Are Administered in Gilbert, Arizona

Administering a special needs trust in Gilbert, Arizona, requires careful attention to trust documents, tax issues, accounting, and compliance with state trust laws. Special needs trust administration also involves understanding the rules and regulations surrounding ALTCS and SSI. To ensure proper trust document management, it is crucial to engage an attorney with experience in public benefit programs and special needs trust administration.

Why Do You Need a Phoenix Special Needs Trust Law Firm?

Working with the Law Offices of Brandon White (BWL), attorneys with a focus on special needs trusts, offers numerous benefits:

Choose a special-need trust attorney at BWL to secure your loved one's future and assist with supplemental security income.

What Our Clients Say

Accomplished guidance in creating a tailored special needs trust;

Comprehensive understanding of public benefits programs and trust administration;

Ensuring your loved one's financial security and well-being.


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What are special needs trust violations?

Special needs trust violations occur when funds are misused, improperly distributed, or when trust terms aren't followed, potentially jeopardizing the beneficiary's eligibility for government benefits.

Are special needs trusts taxable in Arizona?

Special needs trusts are subject to taxation in Arizona, with the trust being responsible for taxes on income earned by its assets. Consult with a qualified attorney for specific tax implications.

What can a special needs trust pay for?

A special needs trust can cover a variety of things, including education, vacations, recreational activities, phone bills, counseling, and more. To learn more, speak with a seasoned attorney today.