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Truck Accident Attorneys in Gilbert, AZ

Let’s face it If you are involved in an accident with a semi-truck in Arizona your world can be turned upside down. But know you are not alone, our experienced commercial vehicle injury law team at the Law Office of Brandon White has the experience to help you navigate your injury case.

In fact, did you know our founding attorney Brandon White worked for a decade as an Arizona State Trooper? During his time as a Senior Highway Patrolman, Attorney White personally investigated hundreds of injury accidents involving large trucks, semi-trucks, tanker trucks, and many other big-rig accidents on Arizona Interstates. Let us put that unique experience to work for you on your truck accident case.

What Are Common Causes of Commercial Truck Collisions in Phoenix?

Commercial Truck Collisions can be caused by numerous factors. Here’re a few:

  • Driver Fatigue

Commercial Truck Driving is actually both federally and state regulated which also limits the amount of hours (hours of service) that a driver can legally drive before taking mandatory rest periods. Although many drivers follow these rules, more and more we see drivers driving well past their legal driving time limits, and failing to take rests. This has caused an uptick on drivers actually falling asleep at the wheel causing these catastrophic accidents. 

  • Driver Inattention

The general motoring public is not the only one getting distracted by their cell phones, navigation, or in-car tech. Far too often, we see big rig drivers paying too much attention to these gadgets while driving causing them to collide with other vehicles causing these injury accidents. 

  • Unsafe Driving

Truck Drivers encounter a variety of road conditions, environments, and traffic control changes. Far too often we see drivers either driving their trucks well above the posted speed limit or just too fast for the weather and roadway conditions, as in a blizzard or icy environment. Many will lose control of their trucks driving this way. 

  • Improper Loading/Overweight

Just like the government regulates how many hours a truck driver can drive, these drivers and truck companies have to comply with strict weight limits (depending on what they are carrying) as well as strict rules on how cargo is required to be secured. Far too often these rules are skipped over because of time, lack of training, inconvenience, or just rushing to get to their next drop off point. However, if a truck is overweight or cargo shifts or falls off their trucks, this can cause catastrophic accidents. 

When our Team of Truck Accident Lawyers takes on a new case, one of the first things we begin to investigate is clearly established just why the collision occurred. This is critical in proving fault on the truck company/driver.

What Injuries Can a Truck Wreck Cause in Gilbert, AZ?

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Did you know that most commercial Vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 lbs! Knowing that you can imagine how much force can be involved when one of those trucks is involved in a collision. The types of injuries in a commercial vehicle accident are usually much more extensive and serious compared to a non-commerical vehicle. 

Common types of Injuries we see include:

  • TBI – Traumatic Brain Injuries;
  • Internal Bleeding;
  • PTSD - Stress;
  • Crush Type Injuries;
  • Loss of Limbs;
  • Traumatic Spinal cord injuries (which can lead to paralysis);
  • Whiplash;
  • Death.

Truck Accidents are special type of car crashes and thus require a big rig accident lawyer to properly prove the case. 

Get a Truck Accident Attorney in Phoenix, AZ for Your Case Review

If you are involved in a truck accident don’t wait and don’t go it alone. You have rights that should be protected including getting the compensation you deserve to get you or your loved one as close to pre-accident condition as possible.

Let’s face it, no one can go back and erase the accident from ever occurring, but our Team has the unique experience that very few if any personal injury attorneys have. Let us put that experience and skill to use for you on your truck accident case to work towards the best settlement possible and maybe prevent it from happening to others in the future.

Who Is Liable for an Arizona Semi-Truck Accident?

Who Is Liable for an Arizona Semi-Truck Accident

Truck accidents can be much more complex compared to non-commercial vehicle collisions. Many don’t understand that there actually can be more than one party or person at fault. 

Law Office of Brandon White Injury Attorneys has extensive knowledge and understanding of trucking operations and regulations to pick apart what occurred and search for all potential responsible parties that could share fault, especially in a catastrophic truck accident. These can include: 

  • Truck driver;
  • Owner of truck;
  • Trucking company;
  • Persons/company who loaded the truck;
  • The maker/manufacturer of the vehicle;
  • Drivers of any other non-commercial vehicles (in multi-car accidents);
  • And more.

Types of Compensation Available for a Gilbert 18-Wheeler Accident

After a truck accident, your world can be literally turned upside down. When you’re injured by the fault of a commercial vehicle driver/company, there may be compensation entitled to you including: 

All of your medical bills caused by the accident this can include:

  • Ground/air ambulance costs;
  • ER/hospital bills;
  • Physical therapy costs;
  • Lost wages and/or out-pocket expenses;
  • Mileage to/from medical appointments; 
  • Pain & suffering; 
  • Permanent disability; 
  • And more.

In addition, you may be entitled to reimbursement and repair/replacement of any property damage you incurred because of the crash. This includes repair of your own vehicle, and damage to any personal property inside the vehicle like a cell phone, laptop, etc. 

Let our Truck Wreck Attorneys get to work on your case and in recovering the damages you have incurred. 

Why Do I Need a Truck Accident Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ?

The Trucking Industry is a multi-billion dollar business in the US. So, when a company’s truck is involved in an injury collision, you can be sure the company and their insurance will get right to work trying to limit their own negligence and liability. Many times, this means attempting to unfairly push the blame on other drivers. We’ve heard it all, blaming the weather, road conditions, or even trying to hide the inattention of their own truck drivers.

Knowing this, no one should go it alone. Let our truck accident lawyers get to work investigating your injury accident, working hard to protect your interests.

Call Gilbert Truck Wreck Attorneys for Help Today

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If you are involved in any truck accident in Flagstaff, Tucson, Phoenix, Kingman, Chandler, Show Low, Yuma, or anywhere on Arizona roads, call our experienced Injury Law Team today for a complimentary consultation. Remember, it costs nothing up front to hire and put us to work. In the end, we only get paid if you do.

Why Choose the Law Offices of Brandon White for Your Big Rig Accident Case?

  • No fee consultation of your case with our legal team;
  • Costs $0 up front to hire us and put us to work on your case;
  • Firm founded by a former state trooper with a decade of experience investigating semi-truck injury cases;
  • Attorney Brandon White has also been certified as a level II commercial vehicle inspector;
  • 5-star service – from the 1st phone call expect to be treated with dignity and respect. We promise to always communicate with you at every stage of your case and give honest and fair advice;
  • Teamwork approach - let us help relieve some of that stress you are experiencing, and put our unique skill set to work for you. Let us battle the trucking companies and their insurance companies for you.

Our Professional Arizona 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys

Hi I’m Attorney Brandon White and I stand here willing and able to help you navigate your truck accident case. Before practicing law, I spent a decade of my life patrolling Arizona highways and have personally investigated hundreds of these commercial vehicle accidents. Let me and my Team put our experience to work for you on your case and work hard to get you the settlement you deserve.

Let Us Fight For You

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I just had a telephone consultation with Mr. White and he took the time to explain to me every option I had to resolve a photo radar ticket I recieved in Mesa. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice. Thanks again Brandon, I appreciate the honesty and clear communication we had.

William - Phoenix, Arizona


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The whole staff at Brandon White is to be commended……They were thorough with my Traffic Case and kept in touch , communicating the possible outcomes and strategies. I would recommend them to anyone that needs legal help in a Traffic Civil or Criminal situation.

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Brandon reached out to me without expectations or any obligation to help with an issue I had. I appreciate the genuine kindness. Good stuff.

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The team of Brandon White is a wonderful team. They help my husband a lot and solve all the problems about the traffice case. Every member is so nice and patient. Our English are not good . They explain everything for us and send emails to tell us in detail. I really, really appreciate them and the price is cheap and fine. And no more other fees. Thank you very much!

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I’m Extremely satisfied with Brandon white and his team I’m from California and got a traffic ticket in Arizona they took care of everything and were able to get my ticket dismissed Great people and very helpful.

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If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a truck accident, call me and my team of truck accident attorneys today. We’ll offer you a no-risk free consultation where they’ll never be any pressure. We’re here to help, call today.

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Is there a deadline to file my claim for a truck accident in Phoenix?

Yes, the standard statute of limitation is 2 years in the State of Arizona. This means generally you only have 2 years from the date of the accident to actually file a lawsuit against the other driver.
However, it’s important to remember that if your case involves any liability on a government entity (like a city or state department/government) the statute of limitation to file a notice of claim is only 180 days from the date of the incident. After which, you lose the right to sue or claim liability on that government entity.

How much is your Arizona truck crash claim worth?

Great Question. As with most legal issues, the answer is it depends. No to crashes are the same. A truck crash claim value can depend on the actual damages incurred. This can be medical bills, treatment, permanent disability, and/or could include loss of life (called wrongful death). The only way to get a better picture is to call the Law Office of Brandon White for a consultation.