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Flagstaff Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are reading this chances are you or someone you care about are facing a criminal charge in or around Flagstaff, Arizona. Often labeled as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff is home to Northern Arizona University (NAU) and vacation destination for many. Like all criminal matters in Arizona, a Prosecuting Attorney is assigned to prosecute the case and represent the State in its charge against you. So, in almost every case, we strongly urge folks to ensure they have an accomplished attorney on their side looking out for their interests and leveling the playing field, so to speak. This is where our Team comes in. If you are facing any criminal charge reach out to our Team of Flagstaff Criminal Defense Lawyers who will stand shoulder to shoulder with you and ensure your rights are protected at every stage of your case.


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Criminal Charges in Flagstaff

Criminal Charges in the area of Flagstaff, Arizona can include both Misdemeanor as well as Felony Charges. Misdemeanor Charges are usually out of Flagstaff Justice Court or Flagstaff Municipal Court. Nearby, Williams Justice Court is also a possibility if your Misdemeanor case occurred just outside of Flagstaff on Interstate 40 (I-40). Felony charges filed in this area are always out of Coconino County Superior Court.

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Misdemeanor charges can range from any a traffic violation charge of Excessive Speed (aka “criminal speeding”), Reckless Driving (ARS 28-693), Aggressive Driving, Racing, Open Container of Alcohol, and many Commercial Vehicle/Driver violations like Failure to Stop at Port of Entry or Unsecure Load. Even some types of DUI (ARS 28-1381; ARS 28-1382) as well as non-traffic related offenses like Underage Consumption, Shoplifting, Littering, Theft or Assault.

Felony Charges can include: Kidnapping, Aggravated DUI, Aggravated Assault, Felony Theft, Burglary and more.

What Can A Defense Attorney Do?

While no Attorney or Law Firm can make any guarantee or outcome of a Case (in fact if during your search for an attorney you have a Firm promising you any result be highly suspect), the fact is the State has an attorney on their side shouldn’t you as well?

When an officer, and subsequently a prosecutor, brings a criminal charge against someone many don’t realize that the prosecution actually carries the burden and the requirement to have to prove the case and the elements of each charge. Unfortunately, far too often those that are facing the serious charges choose to not get a defense attorney on their side, and instead go it alone, usually ending up just pleading guilty to all charges early on in the case. Although it is their absolute right to do so, what this usually does is allow the State to not have to prove anything and that the person now has a life-long criminal record without anyone even looking into whether the charges were ever valid or if the person even committed the crime in the first place. That’s not how our system was meant to work, someone who is charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty.

Alternatively, our Team of Flagstaff Criminal Defense attorneys take a teamwork approach to our Clients’ criminal cases. Made up of Former State Troopers and Prosecutors, our experienced Team evaluates and researches our Clients’ cases and into the law enforcement investigations. Far too often, we find errors in police reports, misstatements by officers, poor investigations, illegal traffic stops and more. Often times, our Team highlights these errors to prosecutors in showing them they can’t meet their burden.

Contact a Flagstaff Criminal Defense Attorney Today

Don’t go it alone, If you are facing any criminal charge out of any Court in Flagstaff call our us today for a complimentary strategy session. A Flagstaff criminal defense lawyer could improve your chances of a favorable resolution to your case.

“Attorney Brandon White is a former State Police Officer/Trooper and his Team of criminal defense attorneys are almost all former prosecutors. Let us put this experience to work for you.”

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