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Power of Attorney Lawyers in Gilbert, AZ

Our dedicated team here in Gilbert, is ready to provide you and your family with compassionate assistance when establishing the power of attorney Gilbert plan that meets your needs. We understand the laws in Arizona concerning POAs, and we are ready to get to work on your behalf.

What Is a Power of Attorney (POA) in Arizona?

A power of attorney gives you the ability to name an individual who will be responsible for making financial and legal decisions in the event you become incapacitated. Creating a power of attorney ensures your loved ones do not have to obtain a court appointed conservatorship if you become incapacitated and that the people you trust are in charge of your financial affairs.

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Types of Power of Attorney We Cover in Gilbert, AZ

There are three different types of power of attorney Arizona state law allows Gilbert residents to grant another adult or group of adults.

Living Will

Each state has its own guidelines regarding medical decisions in the event the patient is incapacitated or unable to communicate in his or her behalf. Drafting a living will means that, if you require end-of-life care, your wishes are known.

Mental Health Power of Attorney

A mental healthcare power of attorney is a legal document granting authority to an agent of your choosing to make decisions regarding mental health treatment. This important estate planning tool allows you to ensure your mental health needs are attended to in the manner of your choosing now, while you are still healthy and capable of making your needs known.

Financial Power of Attorney

A financial Power of Attorney is a document created to appoint an individual or organization to handle your financial and other affairs if you become incapacitated or are otherwise incapable of making financial decisions on your own.

Power of Attorney Lawyer

Arizona Power of Attorney Requirements

To create a valid state of Arizona Power of Attorney, you must be 18 years of age or older and of sound mind. This means that, at the time of signing, you understand what the document means, what it contains, and how it works. The stipulations of your Medical or Financia Power of Attorney take effect only in the event you cannot communicate your wishes, a physician determines you cannot give informed consent, or you have been legally determined incapacitated.

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Talk to a Phoenix Power of Attorney Lawyers Today

Avoid the stress, confusion and high costs of inaction and call our Gilbert Power of Attorney Lawyers today for a no-stress consultation and to get your questions answered.

Why Do I Need A Power of Attorney?

While most people would prefer to make their own decisions regarding what healthcare they receive and to take care of their finances personally. Stop to think what happens when that person becomes incapacitated, meaning they are not able to make decisions for themselves. Maybe they are in the hospital or ill and not conscious, who can act during that time?

Power of Attorney Lawyer
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Power of Attorney Lawyer

Our lawyers get calls almost weekly from good people who have a loved one in the hospital or with a medical or physical condition where they are not able to make decisions for themselves and they need someone to act on their behalf. If a person does not have the power of attorney documents already in place choosing an individual(s) and laying out the written authority to act, then the family or concerned friend has to resort to going to the Probate Court and seeking what’s called a Guardianship and/or Conservatorship to get granted decision-making ability. This can be costly, time consuming and is not immediate.

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Why Choose Our Phoenix Lawyers for Your Power of Attorney Case?

If you want to ensure your AZ power of attorney documents are comprehensive and enforceable, it is in your best interests to work with a qualified estate planning attorney, like our Firm. Help from a  Gilbert  power of attorney lawyer could be crucial in making sure your best interests are prioritized and your wishes are respected should a worst-case scenario arise.

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Discuss Your Needs With Power of Attorney Lawyers Near You Today

Before creating or signing a power of attorney, you may want to seek the guidance of an experienced Gilbert attorney. Our attorneys will (1) draft a power of attorney that holds up in court; (2) protect your legal rights; and (3) ensure that all the parties involved fully understand the document.

Average response time: 1 business day


Can you revoke a power of attorney in Arizona?

Yes. If you never gave the agent the POA, you only need to destroy the document (as long as you also never gave it to any institutions, such as your bank).

If you already recorded the POA, or gave it to the agent or an institution, work with your attorney to create a revocation of power of attorney document, which becomes effective once it is signed and notarized. Afterward, give copies of the revocation to anyone who had the original POA.

If you filed the original POA with the County Recorder, you must also file the revocation.

Does a power of attorney need to be notarized, witnessed, and/or recorded?

In Arizona, in addition to other legal requirements, a power of attorney must be signed and either notarized or witnessed in writing by a person who affirms they were present at the signing and that the person signing the document appeared to be of sound mind and free from duress.

How much does it cost to get a power of attorney?

Typically the cost of a Financial Power of Attorney will be incorporated into the package fee for a comprehensive Estate Plan. However, most Arizona estate planning attorneys will prepare the document a la carte for a reasonable fee.

Would I have to take additional actions after creating a power of attorney?

No actions are required after your power of attorney has been signed and notarized with witnesses, however, it is a good idea to let your agent know where you have the documents and what your wishes would be should they need to act on your behalf.