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Car Accident Attorneys in Gilbert, AZ

Let’s face it, Car accidents can be life-changing and traumatic events especially if you are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.  If this happens it’s important to remember that you may be entitled to compensation including your medical treatment being covered. Our team of Gilbert car accident lawyers, also known as personal injury lawyers, can help to work to get you the help that you deserve and be put back in the same or as close to possible the position you were in before the accident.

Top-Rated Phoenix Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Helping Crosswalk Accident Victims

The Law Offices of Brandon White is a premier law firm in Phoenix. We're dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation to victims of pedestrian accidents, particularly those involved in crosswalk accidents. Our team of highly skilled and experienced Phoenix pedestrian accident lawyers understands the complexities of these cases and works diligently to protect the rights of our clients. In fact, our Firm’s Founder is a former State Police Officer and Accident Investigator. We put our experience to use in protecting our clients and fight for the legal rights of injured pedestrians.

We strive to achieve maximum compensation for injuries, medical bills and expenses, and other damages suffered by accident victims. With our unwavering commitment to client advocacy, we've earned a reputation as a top-rated Phoenix pedestrian accident lawyer. If you or a loved one has been injured in a crosswalk accident, contact the Law Offices of Brandon White today to get in touch with a compassionate and skilled legal advocate.

Arizona Pedestrian Laws & Statistics

Understanding Arizona pedestrian laws and staying informed about relevant statistics is crucial for both pedestrians and drivers. In Arizona, pedestrians have the right of way at crosswalks and intersections, and drivers are legally required to yield to them. Despite this, pedestrian accidents and pedestrian accident claims still occur due to factors such as distracted driving, speeding, or failure to follow traffic signals. According to recent statistics by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT):

  • In 2021, Arizona witnessed an approximately 11 percent rise in pedestrian crashes, totaling 1,714 incidents;
  • The injuries were classified as 708 minor, 432 possible, and 395 serious;
  • Notably, the highest number of pedestrian deaths occurred within two age groups: 25-34 and 35-44;
  • Urban areas experienced the majority of pedestrian collisions, with 85 percent of fatal accidents and 94 percent of injury accidents occurring there;
  • While crossing the road, 143 pedestrians lost their lives and 980 were injured;
  • The second most common pedestrian action leading to accidents was "standing", which accounted for 22 deaths and 107 injuries;
  • Maricopa County recorded the highest number of pedestrian crashes (1,237) and deaths (162);
  • Combined, Maricopa and Pima Counties accounted for 81.32 percent of all pedestrian fatalities in Arizona.

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When it comes to navigating your injury claim, don’t go it alone. Let our team of experienced Gilbert auto accident lawyers help you with your case.

Common Types of Car Accidents in Arizona

In Arizona, there are numerous types of traffic collisions, each can be life-changing to those involved.  If you are injured in a car crash we recommend reaching out to one of our Gilbert car accident attorneys to help you navigate your specific case.

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions occur when the front of one vehicle collides into the rear of another vehicle. This could be caused when drivers are distracted and don’t notice the vehicle in front of them or if the front vehicle abruptly slows and the rear vehicle does not have enough distance to stop. As you can imagine, depending on the speed and other factors, rear-end collisions can be dangerous.

Head-On Collisions

Head-On collisions occur when two vehicles, usually traveling at opposite directions, collide into each other. Head-on collisions can cause serious physical injuries and even can be fatal. This is usually due to the sheer amount of force exerted on each occupant because of the speeds of each vehicle followed by the vehicles coming to such an abrupt stop.

Sideswipe or Side-Impact Collisions

Side-Impact type collisions occur when the front of one vehicle collides or T-bone’s the side of another vehicle. This can also be when a vehicle’s side “swipes” the side of another vehicle. These types of collisions can cause many serious injuries because most vehicles are mainly focused on offering their occupants protection from front and rear impacts. With these side-type collisions, occupants can suffer additional injuries when a portion of their body impacts the interior of their own vehicle due to the amount of force.

Rollover Collisions

One of the most dangerous and most deadly types of traffic crashes in Arizona are rollover collisions. This is where at least one vehicle rolls over to its side or onto its roof. When a vehicle does roll, its occupants are subject to being thrown around the interior of the vehicle and if not properly restrained by seat belts can cause a person to be thrown from the vehicle. Far too often these types of car crashes can lead to serious physical injury or death.

What is the average settlement for a car accident in Arizona?

The classic and honest answer is “it depends.” Since every car accident injury case is different so to are the extent and types of injuries our clients suffer from. In addition, each client has different regimens of medical treatment recommended to by their doctors. However, for each and every one of our cases we strive to maximize our client’s compensation.

These accidents resulted in numerous severe injuries and fatalities, highlighting the importance of adhering to traffic laws and promoting pedestrian safety. By being aware of Arizona's pedestrian laws and staying vigilant on the road, we can work towards reducing the number of pedestrian accidents and creating safer communities for everyone.

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Pedestrian accidents with motor vehicles can result in a wide range of injuries, varying in severity depending on the circumstances of the accident. Some common pedestrian accident injuries include:

  • Fractures: Pedestrians may experience broken bones, such as arms, legs, or ribs when struck by a vehicle;
  • Head injuries: Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are a significant concern in serious pedestrian accidents, as pedestrians are vulnerable to hitting their heads on the ground or a vehicle upon impact;
  • Spinal cord injuries: Severe pedestrian accidents can lead to spinal cord damage, causing partial or complete paralysis;
  • Soft tissue injuries: Pedestrians may experience sprains, strains, bruises, or deep lacerations from the force of the collision;
  • Internal injuries: Blunt force trauma can result in internal injuries, such as organ damage or internal bleeding;
  • Back and neck injuries: Whiplash and herniated discs are common injuries caused by the sudden impact of a pedestrian accident;
  • Psychological trauma: Pedestrian accidents can have long-lasting emotional effects, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety.

It's essential for pedestrian motor vehicle accident victims to seek immediate medical attention and consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure their rights are protected and they receive appropriate compensation for their serious injuries and damages.

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Phoenix, Arizona

Pedestrian accidents can occur due to various factors. It's important to understand the common causes of such incidents in order to help prevent them from occurring. Some of the most frequent causes of pedestrian traffic accidents can include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Failure to yield
  • Impaired driving
  • Speeding
  • Poor visibility
  • Jaywalking
  • Negligent infrastructure

Raising awareness about these causes and promoting responsible behavior among both drivers and pedestrians can help prevent accidents and create safer road environments for everyone.

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The Most Dangerous Intersections in Phoenix for Pedestrians

In Phoenix, certain intersections pose higher risks for pedestrians and fatal injuries, requiring extra caution while crossing. Some of the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians in Phoenix include:

  • 7th Avenue/I-10 Interchange;
  • Cactus Road/I-17 Interchange;
  • 32nd St/SR 202 Interchange;
  • Bethany Home Road/I-17 Interchange;
  • Camelback Road/I-17 Interchange;
  • Dunlap Avenue/I-17 Interchange.

These intersections have been identified as having a higher frequency of pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians must exercise vigilance, follow traffic signals, and use designated crosswalks when navigating these areas. Additionally, drivers must be attentive and adhere to speed limits to ensure the safety of pedestrians at these high-risk intersections.

Compensation Available in Arizona Pedestrian Accident Cases

If you've been involved in Phoenix pedestrian accidents, you may be entitled to various types of compensation to help recover from your injuries and losses. Compensation available in pedestrian accident cases in Arizona may include:

  • Medical expenses: Coverage for current and future medical treatments, hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, and medication expenses related to the accident;
  • Lost wages: Compensation for the income you have lost due to your injuries, including both current and future lost earning capacity;
  • Pain and suffering: Monetary damages for the physical pain, emotional distress, and diminished quality of life resulting from the accident;
  • Property damage: Reimbursement for the repair or replacement of personal property damaged in the accident, such as clothing or electronic devices;
  • Wrongful death: In cases where the pedestrian accident results in a fatality, surviving family members may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim seeking compensation for funeral expenses, loss of companionship, and financial support.

To navigate the complexities of seeking compensation in personal injury claims, it's essential to consult with an experienced Phoenix pedestrian accident attorney. This can help you when proving negligence and understanding your legal options. We can help evaluate your case, gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and fight for your rights to ensure you receive fair and just financial compensation.

Who Is Liable for Pedestrian Accidents?

Determining liability in pedestrian accidents depends on various factors and the specific circumstances of each case. While it's crucial to consult with a professional Phoenix pedestrian accident attorney for accurate advice tailored to your situation, the following parties may be considered liable in pedestrian accidents:

  • Negligent drivers: Motorists who fail to exercise reasonable care, such as speeding, distracted driving, running red lights, or driving under the influence, may be held liable for causing pedestrian accidents.
  • Government entities: In some cases, if a hazardous road condition or lack of proper signage contributed to the accident, the government entity responsible for maintaining the road may be held accountable.
  • Property owners: If the accident occurs on private property, such as a parking lot or driveway, the property owner may be liable for inadequate maintenance or failure to address hazards that contributed to the accident.
  • Pedestrian negligence: In some situations, pedestrians who exhibit negligent behavior, such as jaywalking or disregarding traffic signals, may share some degree of liability for the accident.

To determine liability and the at-fault driver accurately, it's crucial to gather evidence, review police reports, and consult with experienced Phoenix pedestrian accident lawyers familiar with AZ laws. We can help with your pedestrian accident lawsuit, identify liable parties, and pursue the appropriate legal action under Arizona law to seek fair compensation for your suffered injuries and damages.

Statute of Limitations for Filing a Pedestrian Accident Claim in Arizona

In Arizona, there are time limits, known as the statute of limitations, for filing a pedestrian accident claim. As many drivers fail to take action in time, it's important to be aware of these deadlines to protect your legal rights. In general, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim in Arizona is two years from the date of the accident. However, there may be exceptions or variations depending on the circumstances of the case, such as if the accident involved a government entity.

Injury victims should consult with Phoenix pedestrian accident attorneys in Arizona as soon as possible to understand the specific time limits that apply to their personal injury case. Failing to file a claim within the statute of limitations may result in the loss of your right to seek compensation for your injuries and damages.

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Here’s just a few settlement’s our Firm has achieved in our clients cases:

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  • Motorcycle Accident: $125,000
  • Motor Vehicle Accident: $50,000

No law firm, ourselves included any promise of any settlement or outcome and past results don’t guarantee future settlements and every case is different. If you want to know if you have a valid injury claim, don’t hesitate to contact our Team for a complimentary case assessment, never any pressure or obligation, we’re here to help.

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The whole staff at Brandon White is to be commended……They were thorough with my Traffic Case and kept in touch , communicating the possible outcomes and strategies. I would recommend them to anyone that needs legal help in a Traffic Civil or Criminal situation.

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If you are injured in an auto accident anywhere on an Arizona roadway, don’t hesitate to call our knowledgeable personal injury lawyers. We’d be happy to evaluate your case and give honest feedback.

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What are some of the most dangerous roads in Phoenix?

Although every Arizona road can be dangerous, certain roads are known for containing far too many injury accidents:

  • Interstate 17 (I-17), especially between Phoenix and Flagstaff, contains a stretch of highway that is known for its accidents particularly during winter months when large amounts of snowfall can cause blizzard black out conditions and ice build up on road. This causes vehicles to slide off the roadway or become stuck which can then cause additional vehicles to collide into them.
  • Intestate 10 (I-10), especially between Phoenix and Casa Grande is known as a stretch of roadway where many collisions occur. This is particularly true during the monsoon months in Arizona where large dust storms commonly referred to as haboobs blanket the area and have been known to cause black out conditions.
  • Highway 93 — US Highway 93, especially between Phoenix and Kingman ranks as not only one of the deadliest stretches of roadway in Arizona but ranks high nationally. With much of the highway being two lanes, one lane in each direction far too many head on deadly collisions have occurred.

How long after a car accident can you sue in Arizona?

In Arizona a person has 2 years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. This is referred to as the statute of limitations.

How long do Gilbert car accident cases take?

Great Question! It’s hard to say, since every single injury case is different. Major factors that can affect the timeline include how long it takes for clients to complete their recommended medical treatment and how quick the other driver admits fault, among others. When it comes to our injury cases at The Law Office of Brandon White we strive to keep our injury clients informed of the status of their case every step of the way.

How long do Gilbert car accident cases take?

Unlike most other areas of law, Law Office of Brandon White takes on injury cases on a contingent basis. This means that the client pays zero down for us to take their case. Yet even better, our Firm only ends up getting paid if the case is settled. 

This helps our clients focus on getting better and not having to stress to come out of pocket to pay for a lawyer.

What is the average settlement for a car accident in Arizona?

The classic and honest answer is “it depends.” Since every car accident injury case is different so to are the extent and types of injuries our clients suffer from. In addition, each client has different regimens of medical treatment recommended to by their doctors. However, for each and every one of our cases we strive to maximize our client’s compensation.