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    Brandon White’s history as an Arizona State Trooper instilled in him the need to serve and protect, which is the motto he and his team live by today. Our team at Law Offices of Brandon White, P.C. is on a mission to ensure our clients receive an exceptional level of customer service. Whether you need our services for estate planning or find yourself needing some help navigating the confusing legal system, we value each and every client as a cherished member of our family! Our entire team works together to provide you with the individualized attention your case deserves and are here to speak with you whenever you need.

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    I’m Extremely satisfied with Brandon white and his team I’m from California and got a traffic ticket in Arizona they took care of everything and were able to get my ticket dismissed Great people and very helpful

    Julio T – Tucson, Arizona

    The team of Brandon White is a wonderful team. They help my husband a lot and solve all the problems about the traffice case. Every member is so nice and patient. Our English are not good . They explain everything for us and send emails to tell us in detail. I really, really apreciate them and the price is cheap and fine. And no more other fees. Thank you very much!

    Qian Z – Scottsdale, Arizona

    Brandon reached out to me without expectations or any obligation to help with an issue I had. I appreciate the genuine kindness. Good stuff.

    Joshua O – Flagstaff, Arizona

    The whole staff at Brandon White is to be commended……They were thorough with my Traffic Case and kept in touch , communicating the possible outcomes and strategies. I would recommend them to anyone that needs legal help in a Traffic Civil or Criminal situation.

    Craig D – San Tan Valley, Arizona

    I just had a telephone consultation with Mr. White and he took the time to explain to me every option I had to resolve a photo radar ticket I recieved in Mesa. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice. Thanks again Brandon, I appreciate
    the honesty and clear communication we had.

    William – Phoenix, Arizona
    Defense attorney Brandon White in front of black background

    About Brandon White

    Prior to founding The Law Offices of Brandon White, PC, Mr. White worked as a State Trooper for a decade in service for the State of Arizona. During his tenure as an Trooper he saw many instances first hand where our Arizona seniors were being mistreated, passed aside or just flat out forgotten about. It this desire to help put the focus back on our elders that drove Mr. White in founding the Law Offices of Brandon White, P.C.

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    Man being questioned by prosecution

    Criminal Charges in Chandler

    There is an array of criminal offenses for which someone could require a defense attorney in Chandler. Some of the most common charges include aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, robbery, theft of means of transportation, reckless driving, criminal speed, and driving under the influence (DUI). Other commonly charged crimes include manslaughter, sexual assault, arson, and kidnapping.

    The penalties attached to various forms of criminal conduct depend on whether the charge is a misdemeanor or felony. Misdemeanor offenses typically carry lighter penalties than felony crimes do. In the state of Arizona, misdemeanor charges are broken down into three classes: Class 1 Misdemeanors, Class 2 Misdemeanors, and Class 3 Misdemeanor. While felony offense are broken down into six classes. Class 1 Felony is the most serious class of Felony, while Class 6 Felonies are the lowest level. However, certain factors can enhance a charge. For instance, if a person charged with a criminal offense has been convicted of a similar crime before, the court will generally assess a higher penalty than if it was the individual’s first conviction.


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