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Most criminal cases require a prosecutor to prove that a defendant committed a criminal act beyond a reasonable doubt. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Under certain circumstances, a person may face penalties even if they never actually committed a crime. Being accused of conspiring to commit a crime still requires the guidance of a skilled defense attorney.


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Under Arizona state law, it is illegal to agree to commit an illegal act with another person merely. Still, the prosecutor must show that an agreement was in place and that an overt act occurred towards the furtherance of that crime. This means the person completed an action towards completing the crime. If this sounds confusing, you are not alone. Conspiracy charges can be complex, but our Chandler conspiracy lawyers team could help you better understand this complex concept and promote defense against these serious allegations.

Conspiring to Commit an Offense

There is a set of criminal offenses under state law that punish people who do not take action that violates a state statute. We call these prior offenses. These laws aim to discourage behavior that goes against public policy but does not directly affect the well-being of others or physical property.

Conspiracy is perhaps the most common of these prior offenses. According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13-1003, a person commits conspiracy when they agree with another person to commit a criminal offense. In addition, one or more of these people must commit an overt act to further the agreement. For example, if people agree to sell drugs, they may prepare a list of potential buyers or scout out locations to make a sale.

A conspiracy case carries the same penalties as those of the agreed-to offense. For instance, conspiracy to rob a bank is just as serious as committing a robbery. A Chandler attorney could provide further information about the legal concept of conspiracy and the potential consequences.

There is a set of criminal offenses under state law that punish people who do not take action that violates a state statute. We call these preparatory offenses. These laws aim to discourage behavior that goes against public policy but does not directly affect the well-being of others or physical property.

Defending Clients Against Conspiracy Charges in Arizona

Because conspiracy charges can be complex for a prosecutor to prove, a Gilbert criminal defense lawyer has many opportunities to create a reasonable doubt concerning the case. The most direct defense option involves disputing whether there was a valid agreement to commit a crime. Furthermore, a defense attorney could challenge the legality of police work and the police investigation that led to the discovery of this alleged evidence.

The law also allows accused members of a conspiracy to raise a defense stating that they renounced the agreement, meaning the involved individuals announced they would not commit the act. Under AZ Rev. Stat. § 13-1005, renunciation may be applicable when a defendant gave a timely warning to law enforcement concerning the agreement or took other reasonable steps to prevent the criminal act.

Give a Gilbert Conspiracy Attorney a Call Today

A conspiracy charge alleges that you agreed to commit a criminal offense with at least one other person. It does not matter that the crime was not successful or even that you never did anything that violated the law. As you can see, the mere fact that you agreed to commit a crime and took a step towards success can be enough to secure a conviction.

A Gilbert conspiracy lawyer could help you to defend yourself against these allegations. They could work to contest the idea that there was an agreement or that you or another took an act towards committing a crime. It may be possible to raise a defense involving your attempts to renounce the conspiracy in other cases. Contact our experienced criminal defense team today to learn more.

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