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“I moved my mom out here from Alabama a number of years ago and she kept falling. We took her in the home and wanted her to be with us as long as it was safe. She kept falling in our house, so I got her in the assisted living home. The day that we did that I began to work with ALTEC to try to get them to take over her payments. With my background with legal documents, with agreements and that sort of thing that I would be able to easily get it done. 6 months later and all of her money was gone. Someone gave a recommendation to call a couple of lawyers and Brandon was one of them. After talking to the lawyers and talking to Brandon, it was obvious I was going with Brandon. The moment I got into the conversation with him I went:  "This is like talking to my friend". There wasn't a moment with Brandon that I didn't feel heard. I've already recommended him to my family, but I've also recommended him to friends of mine. I can't recommend Brandon highly enough. It was something that I was so burdened down with and so frustrated with and he just took it and ran with it and got us into the end zone.”

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