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Traffic Ticket | Clients Testimonials

First client:

“So my situation was very serious. The day of the incident I had been diagnosed with the flu the day before and I was running a fever and wasn't feeling very well. And unfortunately I'd made a poor decision. I was accused of a DUI, but it got knocked down to reckless driving. When I first found out what I was accused of I was very scared. I was thinking how this was going to affect my future, how was this going to affect my family life. So I just decided to give Brandon White a call, so I could see. He answered the phone himself and he explained everything to me. I just felt so comfortable with him that I just knew it was the right fit. I felt really protected that I had somebody really truly looking out for me and wanted the very best outcome for me. And that is exactly what we got. If somebody else were to be in my position or have the same thing happen to them, I would absolutely recommend the Law Offices of Brandon White. They're just amazing people that truly do care about you.”

Second client:

“I had gotten off of work. I pulled over, spoke to an officer and he had issued me a ticket. After issuing me the ticket I had left to get back on the road and then was immediately pulled back over. He went through my vehicle and then he gave me 2 more citations on top of that original one. So at that point I had to seek legal help. Working with Brandon White and the firm, they were great. I had Brandon White's personal number. Anytime I had a question I could email or call him. They reached out to me multiple times during just to make sure I didn't have any questions. We met in person to kind of sit down and prep for the structure of it, how it was going to go. If somebody else was in a similar situation to me, I would definitely recommend the Law Offices of Brandon White, because the firm was incredibly transparent. I think they wouldn't be disappointed and I think that they'd be surprised at the commitment that they give.”

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