Chandler Traffic Lawyer

The penalties for a traffic ticket will require a person to, at the minimum, pay a fine. It can also add points to a person’s driver’s license or result in a suspension or revocation of driving privileges.


However, you do not need to accept the potential penalties of a traffic ticket. No matter how severe or seemingly trivial the allegations are, drivers always have the right to dispute the charges in court. Notably, there is a limited time after receiving a ticket to request a hearing in court, and you will need to be prepared to promote an effective defense.

A Chandler traffic lawyer could help you avoid the harsh penalties accompanying a moving violation. A dedicated attorney could help by submitting a request for a hearing on your behalf, preparing any helpful evidence, appearing in person to argue the case, and seeking a possible negotiated settlement to reduce the penalty. If your violation is marked “criminal traffic,” our attorneys can even help meet and negotiate with the assigned prosecutor on your behalf, working towards the best outcome possible.

How to Contest a Traffic Ticket in Chandler

Our attorneys see most traffic tickets that people receive in Chandler result from alleged minor traffic violations. These can include:

In these situations, drivers can contest their tickets in court. This involves submitting a formal request to the court for a hearing date. To accomplish this, drivers can mail in a hearing request form or appear at the court before the date listed on the citation.

Other cases require a person to appear in court, regardless of their intentions to challenge a ticket. These involve more serious allegations where a conviction could result in jail time or a loss of license. A Chandler traffic attorney could help protect a driver’s rights throughout the traffic ticket process.

Defending the Rights of Drivers in Traffic and Criminal Court

Just because a person receives a ticket does not mean that a driver is guilty. It can be helpful to imagine a ticket as being a police officer’s opinion concerning the incident. That police officer and a prosecutor must still prove that a driver violated the relevant traffic law beyond a reasonable doubt. Requesting a court date means that the prosecutor must demonstrate these concepts to a judge.

The role of a Chandler attorney is to create a reasonable doubt concerning the allegations of a traffic violation. This could include introducing evidence that refutes a police officer’s observations, cross-examining the police officer on the witness stand, or presenting evidence that mitigates a driver’s reasons for apparently violating the law. This could result in a reduction in the penalty that the court imposes or an outright dismissal of the charges.

Contact a Chandler Traffic Attorney Now

Every driver who receives a ticket for an alleged moving violation has the right to defend themselves in court. This applies regardless of whether a ticket mandates an appearance or gives you the option to pay a fine online.

There are many benefits to challenging a ticket; for example, the case could reduce the court’s penalties or even a total acquittal. This could substantially benefit your finances and keep points off your license.

A Chandler traffic lawyer may be able to help you. Our seasoned traffic attorneys could request a hearing before the court, prepare the evidence that helps your case, and appear in person to argue why you are not responsible for the ticket. Reach out today to schedule an appointment.