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Even responsible gun owners in Arizona can find themselves in a legal mishap if they fail to follow the law governing firearms. Even minor, nonviolent crimes could carry hefty penalties and jail time. In some instances, a conviction may result in losing your right to purchase and own firearms in the future.

If you are facing charges regarding a gun-related offense, you may require assistance from a knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys. A Chandler gun lawyer could help you fight any charges against you and defend your right to bear arms. Some of our lawyers are even firearms CCW instructors.

Firearm Ownership and Usage in Chandler

Weapon ownership is considered a fundamental right in the country. Americans have historically valued the right to own and employ firearms to defend themselves and their families. This right so valuable, is expressly written in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

shadows behind a curtain of an assaultWhile the ability to bear arms is a constitutional right, it is also regulated in many ways. States directly control the process required for a resident to obtain a gun, where people may carry and discharge firearms, and what situations allow or forbid the use of a weapon. For instance, Arizona allows you to protect yourself by employing a firearm when your life or your loved one’s lives are in danger. The doctrine that governs the legal use of deadly force is known as the “stand your ground” rule. However, even when deadly force is used under this rule, it is imperative to have a strong Chandler gun crimes attorney to defend your rights.

Types of Gun-Related Charges

Firearm-related charges could involve violence, but they do not need to. It is easy for people to associate gun-related charges with violent crimes, but there are many cases where these are standalone allegations.

Non-Violent Weapon Crimes

Illegally modifying a firearm to allow fully automatic fire or removing serial numbers can lead to severe charges. Another non-violent firearm crime is if a convicted felon chooses to obtain a gun illegally after losing their right to bear arms. Our experienced firearm defense attorneys in Chandler could help you determine if the accusations against you are for a non-violent crime and work to protect your future.

Violent Weapon Offenses

Many violent crimes occur with guns that harm or end the life of another person. Most offenses where a gun is used to threaten or hurt someone else are felonies with lengthy prison sentences. These crimes are often referred to as aggravated crimes and may include:

In cases involving violence, it is especially important to retain the services of a well-versed attorney to build a strong case and defend your rights.

Consequences of a Firearm Conviction

Because each state controls their own weapon regulations, many charges and consequences vary depending on the location where the alleged crime occurred. Arizona has less harsh penalties than many other states, but does explicitly set predetermined minimum sentences for the majority of gun offenses.

A minimum sentence is the smallest amount of time a person must stay incarcerated if they are convicted, without exception.  Contingent on the circumstances of the crime, prison time may range from months to decades. Furthermore, felony convictions of any kind bar a person from legally purchasing or obtaining a firearm again.

Firearm crimes have severe consequences and may force the accused party into a long and complicated case. Overcoming a serious gun charge often requires copious amounts of evidence, in-depth knowledge of the law, and a sound argument. A skilled Chandler firearm attorney could do all of these and more to defend your innocence.

Call a Chandler Gun Attorney for Help Now

Weapon crimes carry heavy penalties that can impact not only your ability to own a firearm but every aspect of your life. If you are facing a firearm-related accusation, you need to begin building a defense immediately. Contact our office today to speak with a Chandler gun lawyer ready to talk with you about your case. We are looking forward to hearing from you, schedule a consultation with us today.