Chandler Perjury Lawyer

The power of the courts and other offices of the State derives from their ability to receive truthful information from participants. This includes receiving honest testimony during court sessions as well as receiving accurate written information. To enforce this power, the legislature has made it a criminal office to knowingly lie on official documents or during court sessions. We call this offense perjury.

If you are facing allegations of lying while under oath, a Chandler perjury lawyer may be able to help. A talented defense attorney could explain the legal concept of perjury and why an arrest has occurred. They then aim to discover the truth behind the incident and fight back against the allegation that you knowingly provided false material information.

What Does it Mean to Commit Perjury?

According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13-2702, it is against the law to provide a false sworn statement or declaration while believing it to be false. Violations here are class 4 felonies where convictions can result in almost four years in prison for a first offense. However, there is also a mandatory minimum of one year in prison with mitigating holding onto prison bars

A person commits perjury when they have the legal obligation to tell the truth. This occurs more often than many of us believe. Most directly, this occurs when we appear before a court and must swear that we will tell the truth. However, it also occurs when we pay taxes, submit a loan application, or open a bank account. A Chandler attorney could provide more information about the state’s perjury laws and when they require an individual to tell the truth.

The Concepts of Material Fact and Intent

It is impossible for a person to tell the truth at all times. People naturally become confused, or their memories may falter. Because of these ideas, the law does not punish people who make simple mistakes. Instead, a perjury conviction can only result if a prosecutor can prove that a defendant intentionally provided a false statement while under oath. As a result, a perjury lawyer in Chandler could help by presenting evidence that an untrue statement was the product of a simple mistake and that a defendant did not intend to cause any misdirection or fraud.

person writing behind a gavelAnother essential concept under the state’s perjury law is the idea of material information. While the law leaves no doubt that it is illegal to intentionally deceive a government entity, it does provide the caveat that the deception must involve a material issue.

Under AZ Rev. Stat. § 13-2701, an issue is material when it has the potential to influence the course or outcome of any transaction or proceeding. For example, intentionally overstating one’s income on a mortgage application is material to whether the lender will offer a loan. By contrast, a person who is appearing as a witness in a trial may state that they were wearing a blue shirt at the time of an incident as opposed to a red one. In most situations, the color of a witness’s shirt is not material to the reason for why they are a witness. A Chandler perjury attorney could help to develop defenses that center around the ideas of intent and materiality.

Reach out to a Chandler Perjury Attorney Now

Allegations of perjury are serious matters. Convictions will label you as a felon for life and require the court to impose a prison sentence. With that in mind, proving perjury can be difficult for a prosecutor. Not only do they need to show that your statement was false, but they also need to prove that you knew that it was false and that it concerned a material topic.

A Chandler perjury lawyer may be able to help you to mount a vigorous defense against these charges. They can work to investigate the circumstances under which the statement came forward and to understand your state of mind at the time. Call now to begin building a defense.