Chandler Student Defense Lawyer

Students must meet both university expectations and legal statutes. Allegations of criminal conduct could result in you facing both academic and legal consequences.

If you find yourself in need of a savvy criminal defense attorney, you can schedule a case consultation with our team. A Chandler student defense lawyer at our firm could help you interpret the charges brought against you and build your defense to protect your students walking away from camera toward brick building

University Codes of Misconduct

Schools, colleges, and universities throughout Arizona each establish standards of student conduct that students are expected to abide by. Failure to uphold a university’s code of conduct may result in on-campus consequences ranging from academic sanctions to suspension from the university.

That said, students can face additional consequences if their alleged misconduct violates state law. For example, students may face some manner of legal penalties if they are accused of:

Even the violation of roadway laws can result in a misdemeanor on a student’s part.

Potential Consequences

While a Chandler lawyer may not be able to help students with their university-based sanctions, one may have the opportunity to defend against legal criminal charges in court. An experienced attorney could help a student understand the charges brought against them alongside the severity of the potential consequences affiliated with their case.

Students who do not have a previous criminal record may face reduced consequences for the aforementioned behaviors. However, in most circumstances these violations can result in jail time and fines in addition to any sanctions the university wishes to level against the student in question.

How Could Students Avoid a Criminal Record?

two students writting on a notebook with pencilsStudents who are brought up on legal charges while attending a Arizona State University (ASU), University of Arizona (UofA), Northern Arizona University (NAU), or any Arizona university risk their academic careers, not to mention any opportunities to pursue positions in their field of choice later in life. Notably, there are ways to avoid going to court if a student faces charges of misconduct.

A Chandler defense lawyer could help students explore diversion programs offered by the attending prosecution. These programs still require accused and convicted students to participate in community service programs, as applicable, but they also limit the impact that the aforementioned charges have on a student’s career. Students who participate in division programs will not have their convictions noted on their permanent records. In turn, these parties will retain their ability to pursue careers in their chosen field, provided they also abide by a university’s specific sanctions.

Get in Touch with a Chandler Student Defense Attorney Right Away

Accusations of student or criminal misconduct can ruin your academic career. Fortunately, you do not have to resign yourself to these consequences.

If you need defending in a student misconduct case not just in Chandler but anywhere in Arizona, do not hesitate to contact us, we can help. A Chandler student defense lawyer could discuss your case with you and help you understand how best to proceed. Reach out as soon as possible to schedule your case consultation.