Chandler Traffic Laws

The traffic laws in Arizona can be more complex than they at first appear. Even though every driver must pass a test concerning the state’s rules of the road, this test does not even begin to scratch the surface concerning the obligations of all drivers.

Anytime a driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle on a public road or street, they have an obligation to follow every applicable law. Failure to do so could have severe consequences, and ignorance of the law is never an excuse. As a result, you must understand the Chandler traffic laws and the potential penalties that can result from violations. Speak with our experienced attorneys to learn more.

What are Considered Black-Letter Traffic Laws?

Many of the traffic laws in Chandler are straightforward. If a driver violates the law, they are guilty of a moving violation.

stop signA clear example is the law that requires all drivers to come to a stop for a stop sign. According to Arizona Revised Statute § 28-773, every motorist must come to a complete stop when meeting a stop sign. They can then only proceed once they yield to all other vehicles that did not have a duty to stop.

Other examples of black-letter traffic violations include:

  • Stopping for red lights
  • Yielding to emergency vehicles
  • Prohibitions on texting while driving
  • Having a valid driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance on one’s person at all times while driving

Just because these violations are matters of black-letter law does not mean that a person who receives a ticket is automatically at-fault. An accomplished Chandler attorney could help to pursue defenses against alleged violations in traffic court.

Traffic Laws that Allow for a Police Officer’s Discretion

While black-letter traffic laws are relatively simple to understand and follow, others are not so straightforward. Due to this, many traffic laws allow for police officers to issue a ticket or make an arrest based upon their observations and opinions.

Perhaps the most visible of these are allegations involving drunk driving. The state’s drunk driving law, codified at ARS § 28-1381, says that it is illegal to either drive while:

  • Having an alcohol level of 0.08 or more in their blood, or
  • Under the influence of liquor, drugs, or intoxicating substance

The second portion is a clear example of police discretion in traffic laws. This portion of the law justifies an officer making an arrest without administering a breath or blood test.

Discretionary laws also play a role in the state’s speed limit statute. According to ARS § 28-701A, it is against the law to drive at a speed that is in excess of what is reasonable and prudent. Whether a person’s driving meets this standard is entirely up to the choice of a police officer. A lawyer could help people to better understand the role that opinion can play in Chandler’s traffic laws.

Learn More About Traffic Laws from a Chandler Attorney

Arizona State law not only requires drivers be aware of the laws, but to also follow them to the letter. In some cases, this is fairly easy. However, other examples, such as the state’s speeding laws, leave it up to police officers to interpret the law as they wish.

Reach out to one of our traffic attorneys now to learn more about Chandler traffic laws. This information could help you to better understand your obligations as a driver or to build a defense if you are facing accusations of breaking the law.