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Driving Without Registration

Phoenix Driving Without Valid Registration Lawyer

The law in Arizona requires that all drivers of motor vehicles carry proper and current registration to operate on public roads. The owners of vehicles must submit a registration request to the Department of Motor Vehicles and display current license plates.

Failure to follow these laws could come with severe consequences. In the most extreme examples, altering a vehicle’s registration or identification number could result in a misdemeanor or felony charge. Other examples, such as those that involve using a false license plate, are misdemeanors or civil violations.

Our well-practiced lawyers could help if you are facing accusations of driving without registration in Phoenix. Our local traffic lawyers could help you better understand the law as well as present a strong defense in court.


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Penalties for Driving Without Vehicle Registration in Chandler, AZ

Every driver must keep a copy of their current registration within their vehicle at all times. In addition, drivers must display current and valid license plates. A failure to do so is a civil violation.

According to Arizona Revised Statute § 28-2532, violations carry a civil penalty of $300. Making matters worse, a failure to register a vehicle for the first time when moving into the state results in an additional $300 penalty under AZ Rev. Stat. § 28-2533. As a result, civil penalties for a failure to register a vehicle may be as high as $600.

Defenses against these charges can involve showing that the vehicle was registered at the time of the stop but that the owner simply did not have the paperwork with them. Sadly, this will only reduce the possible penalty to $50. Our experienced attorneys could help you fight back against civil allegations involving driving without registration in Phoenix out of Phoenix Municipal Court or any court in the Phoenix area.

When Is Driving without Registration a Criminal Matter?

Simply driving a vehicle without proper registration or license plates violates the law. However, the law recognizes that this may be a simple mistake and cannot levy criminal charges for this behavior. Even so, incidents do occur where a prosecutor believes that an individual has attempted to defraud the state by issuing fraudulent plates or by using a false name or address on registration. Here, the incident may result in criminal charges.

According to AZ Rev. Stat. § 28-2531, removing any identifying information from a vehicle that would assist in the identification of that automobile is a class 5 felony. Furthermore, knowingly displaying a false or altered license plate or registration certificate is a class 2 misdemeanor. Our lawyers in Phoenix could help parties facing allegations of criminal activity connected to a car’s registration or license plates.

Learn More About Driving without Registration with a Phoenix Attorney

Failing to display proper license plates or a current registration is illegal in Arizona. Depending on the exact circumstances of the incident, a prosecutor may choose to pursue the case as a civil violation or a criminal matter. In either situation, it is important to have a strong defense. Reach out to our team today to discover more about driving without registration in Phoenix.

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