Gilbert Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are alarmingly common incidents, and a moment of indiscretion by a driver involved in a crash can have dire consequences for the people involved. No matter the severity of the crash, everyone’s safety is put at risk in the event of a collision. However, seeking thorough and relevant legal advice can help ease the financial and mental strain that such an event can cause.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident in Gilbert, Arizona, look no further than the experienced Gilbert car accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Brandon White. Our personal injury attorneys are more than willing to help you or a loved one navigate the legal process. With that being said, here are some steps that you can take if you are involved in a car accident.

What to Do if You’re in an Auto Accident in Gilbert

While emotions are likely running high after a motor vehicle collision, it is important to perform these steps, then call an experienced attorney.

Stay Calm

The most important thing to do in the event of a collision is to stay calm. Fleeing the scene of a collision in a panicked state can result in additional legal penalties. Make sure that you and any passengers are safe.

Alert Relevant Authorities

Call 911 and report the accident, making sure to let the dispatcher know if anyone is hurt. Apart from getting medical help, creating a police report is going to be instrumental in the insurance and personal injury process by helping determine fault and documenting evidence.

Move the Vehicles

If possible, move the vehicles to the side of the road where they do not pose a safety hazard to any other cars and where the drivers can exit safely.

Document the Damage

Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver. You want their full name and contact information, insurance companyred car after an accident and policy number, driver’s license number, license plate information, type, color, and model of vehicle. Note the location of the collision and take pictures of the resulting damage. Airbags, dents, tire and wheel wear, and bumper damage are all things that you should note, including any other notable things. Note the badge numbers and names of the officers involved and ask if you can obtain a copy of the accident report. If there were any witnesses, note their contact information. In general, the more information that you can get after the accident, the better.

Contact a Gilbert Car Accident Attorney Today

Contacting a car accident personal injury attorney, even at the scene of the crime, may be able to provide you with key information for you to collect and what the legal process could look like depending on your case.

Car accidents can be anything from relatively minor fender benders to major crashes that risk the health and safety of all those involved. A qualified Gilbert car accident lawyer can help you receive damages and compensation for any injuries that you or someone you know might have unfortunately sustained in a collision. Consult the Law Offices of Brandon White for your personal injury case today.