Phoenix Drug Lawyer

Allegations of illegal conduct involving drugs are among the most common cases heard in Phoenix area criminal courts. In many instances, merely possessing these substances can result in serious felony accusations. In others, the alleged manufacture or distribution of drugs can bring penalties that forever change your life.

Our Phoenix drug defense lawyers can help you navigate your case, after you have been arrested on a drug charge. Our legal team explains the specific charge to our clients and the potential penalties each client is facing. Our dedicated criminal defense attorneys then work to discover holes in the prosecutor’s case that could result in a reduction in the severity of charges or work towards seeking a full acquittal.

Drug Possession Charge in Phoenix

The most straightforward criminal allegations involving drugs in Phoenix include those that claim simple possession. For many substances, merely having these items in one’s possession is a violation of the law. As applied to most street drugs, such as cocaine or heroin, Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3407 says that the possession of any amount is a Class 4 felony.

Although Arizona now allows the possession of marijuana. If a person has too much marijuana in possession this could result in a criminal charge.

Finally, it is illegal under state law to have prescription medications without a proper doctor’s note. According to AZ Rev. Stat. § 13-3406, most violations are misdemeanors, but a prosecutor may allege that the severity of the offense rises to the level of a felony. A well-versed attorney could provide more information about the drug possession laws in the state and work to create a potent defense.

Manufacture or Sale of Illegal Drugs

Some drug possession cases can be relatively minor charges. However, the same cannot be said for allegations involving the supposedwoman in handcuffs holding$100 bills distribution or manufacture of illegal substances. Selling or attempting to sell these items is always a felony. In some situations, the court is obliged to impose a mandatory prison sentence upon conviction.

In many cases, police officers do not personally witness the sale of drugs. They may rely upon confidential informants or other third-party information to justify an arrest. They may also obtain illegal warrants for the purpose of gathering evidence that violate the rights of defendants. Challenging these methods of obtaining information is one of many ways in which a competent drug attorney in Phoenix fights to protect the rights of individuals and create reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors.

Let a Phoenix Drug Attorney Take the Lead in Your Drug Case

Let’s face it, Drug charges are serious matters. Any sort of conviction will result in the creation of a criminal record and could require you to spend time in jail. Allegations alleging the manufacture or distribution of these substances are felonies where convictions will forever change your life. It is vital that you fight back at every opportunity.

Our Phoenix drug defense lawyers wants to help you in this fight. We are prepared to protect your rights while in police custody, challenge the admissibility of evidence in court, cross-examine state witnesses at trial, and take every necessary step to protect your present and future. Reach out now to our criminal defense team now for a strategy session.