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Are you or someone you care about in need of long term care and facing having to move into an Assisted Living Facility, Nursing Home, or Dementia/Memory Care Facility? While some seniors can afford private pay care, with the average cost of nursing home care in Arizona ranging from $6,000 – $7,000/month, the cost of long-term care will wipe out savings of all but the wealthiest families in a matter of years. But, as a Phoenix Medicaid lawyer can explain, there is an option available in Arizona to pay for care is Medicaid, which is known in Arizona as ALTCS or Arizona Long Term Care System.

What is Medicaid?

A joint federal-state program, Medicaid/ALTCS provides medical assistance to low-income individuals, including those who are 65 or older, disabled or blind. Medicaid is the single largest payer of nursing home bills in America and serves as the option of last resort for people who have no other way to finance their long-term care. ALTCS differs from Medicare because it is needs based, so one must meet strict eligibility requirements to qualify for the benefit. Although Medicaid eligibility rules vary from state to state, federal minimum standards and guidelines must be met. There are a myriad of regulations involving look-back periods, income caps, transfer penalties and waiting periods to plan around. But we can help.

How We Can Help

Although anyone can apply for ALTCS/Medicaid on their own, years of government bureaucracy has caused the State to look for any reason to reject applications in fact upwards of 75% of Medicaid/ALTCS applications are denied and can take anywhere from 3-5 months to be processed. Why risk it?

The attorneys of the Law Offices of Brandon White, P.C. have the experience and expertise to help navigate this often-tricky process and avoid and prevent the financial ruin associated with the high cost of long-term care. Contact us today to start the process of understanding the issues surrounding Medicaid eligibility, to develop a Medicaid Asset Protection Plan, and to implement the planning and application process.

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