Driver Point System in Chandler

Most people know that a conviction for a moving violation in Arizona can require them to pay significant fines. However, did you know these convictions will also result in the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) assessing points on your license? As these points accumulate, MVD could suspend your license or mandate that you attend In-Person Traffic Survival School (TSS) , just to maintain your privilege to drive.

traffic lightUnderstanding the driver point system that covers both Chandler, and the rest of the State of Arizona is essential when deciding what to do after receiving a traffic ticket. Naturally, it is best to avoid a conviction for a moving violation if at all possible. However, expediency and available funds may compel a person to simply pay the associated fine and move on with their lives.

In other cases, it is best to contest a ticket at every opportunity to avoid the accumulation of points that may result in a suspended license. This is even more true when you don’t feel as if you committed the alleged violation. An experienced traffic attorney could provide more information about the driver point system and how it could help decide how to best move forward.

When Do Points Get Added to a Driver’s License?

The Arizona Motor Vehicle Department retains the driving records of all licensed drivers living in the state. In the interest of promoting safe driving that adheres to traffic laws, the MVD has the power to assess points to a driver’s license after a finding of guilt in traffic court or, in limited circumstances, criminal court.

The MVD provides a list of traffic offenses in Chandler where a finding of fault will add points to a driver’s license. Most examples will result in the addition of two points to a license. However, more serious offenses will add points in greater amounts. For instance:

  • Speeding — three points
  • Failing to stop at a red light and causing an accident that results in serious injury — four points
  • Leaving the scene of an accident —six points
  • DUI — eight points

If a driver accumulates eight or more points in a rolling 12-month period, the MVD may require the driver to complete Traffic Survivor School at the license holder’s expense. In other situations, the MVD can suspend the party’s license for up to 12 months.

Using the Driver Point System After Receiving a Ticket in Chandler

Every driver who receives a ticket for an alleged moving violation has a choice. They may choose to plead guilty by paying the fine, often without appearing in court. This can quickly resolve the issue but will result in the addition of points to one’s license in the amount according to the nature of the offense.

Motorists also have the choice to contest the ticket in court. If the violation is marked civil traffic, this involveshands on the wheel of a driver submitting a formal request to the relevant court and appearing on the date of the hearing to argue one’s case.

Always keep the concept of the driver point system in Chandler in your mind when making this choice. People who have an otherwise clean driving record may wish to accept the penalties and points and move on with their lives. For others, even a minor offense may result in a license suspension if a court finds them responsible for the incident. The driver point system can help local drivers make informed decisions concerning their futures.

Learn About the Driver Point System from a Chandler Attorney

The driver point system in Chandler serves many functions. Primarily, it assigns points to a person’s license after a conviction for a moving violation. Accumulating eight points over the span of a year results in mandatory attendance in Traffic Survival School or a license suspension.

Our experienced traffic attorneys could provide more information about this concept and how to understand the full impact of a traffic conviction on your right to continue driving. Call today to learn more.