Chandler Appeals Lawyer

It’s well known that Court decisions and jury verdicts can affect your life for many years to come. Any criminal conviction can result in fines, jail time, and a stain on your personal and professional reputation.

Criminal trials are complicated. Criminal defense attorneys need to follow strict procedural protocol to comply with federal or state requirements. However, sometimes mistakes occur in criminal courts that can have long-lasting implications.

If you believe that a legal error resulted in your wrongful conviction in a criminal trial, a Chandler appeals lawyer from The Law Firm of Brandon White might be able to help you clear your name by pursuing an appeal of that verdict.

What is an Appeal?

When facing criminal charges, many people are fearful about their future. They may far too often, attempt to not seek the help of an attorney and instead plead guilty to their original charges OR they may put their faith in a criminal defense attorney to defend and protect their rights. Unfortunately, not every defendant has access to the right legal team at their original trial. Sometimes, initial trial lawyers overlook criticalman hitting a gavel pieces of what’s called exculpatory evidence, or other mistakes occur that can result in a wrongful conviction. Even after a defendant has pled guilty to a crime or has been tried and convicted of a crime, they still have legal avenues of relief available to them.

A dedicated Chandler attorney with a successful track record could help a defendant challenge their conviction by filing a legal appeal with the appropriate Arizona appellate court. The appellate court would then review the case to check for any legal errors.

Possible Grounds for an Appeal of a Chandler Verdict

For an appellant to prevail in a legal appeal, they need to prove that either they did not understand the plea agreement that they entered into or that legal errors occurred at the trial and that those errors influenced the outcome of the case.

A well-versed team of attorneys could help a defendant determine if filing an appeal is the right step to take based on the facts of the case.

Ineffective Counsel

Not all errors made by a trial attorney amount to ineffective counsel. An appellant would need to show that their trial attorney made mistakes that influenced the case’s outcome.

False Arrest

If police officers arrest an appellant without a valid warrant or probable cause, the defendant might have grounds to appeal a verdict.

Admission of Improper Evidence

Illegally obtained evidence that a police officer seized without a valid search warrant is not admissible in a court. If prosecutors use such evidence, the defendant could appeal the verdict.

Lack of Evidence

A defendant could appeal a verdict if the prosecution’s evidence at trial did not demonstrate the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

lawyer at a table having an intense discussionUnethical Behavior of a Prosecutor

If a prosecutor withholds exculpatory evidence or otherwise behaves unethically, that could be grounds for an appeal.

Sentencing Mistakes

Even if there are no grounds for appealing a conviction, a defendant can sometimes appeal a sentence if the judge made a sentencing error.

Meet with a Chandler Appeals Attorney

If you believe that a legal mistake occurred in your criminal trial, you should seek out a skilled Chandler appeals lawyer. Not every criminal defense attorney has the skills necessary to be a successful appeals lawyer. An effective appeals attorney needs to have a thorough understanding of criminal law, as well as an ability to rigorously analyze all types of legal issues.

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