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If you find yourself facing prostitution charges in Arizona, know that you do not have to defend your freedom alone. A Chandler prostitution lawyer could walk through your charges with you and discuss what defense might suit your case best. With guidance from our experienced defense attorney team, you may contest your charges, help navigate the stressful legal process and use our best efforts at working to reduce or remove the consequences you might otherwise face.

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What Actions Can Result in a Prostitution Charge?

Sex work, or the sale of sexual behaviors, is illegal in the state under Arizona Revised Statute §13-3214. Under this statute, no individual may request money or compensation of equivalent economic value in exchange for sex acts, including but not limited to oral sex, groping, or penetration. Importantly, the act of escorting an individual and keeping that individual company is not included under this statute, as escort services are not considered inherently sexual by nature.

Arizona Revised Statute §13-3214 specifically addresses prostitution involving parties over the age of 18. Instances of prostitution involving a child or minor are covered by Arizona Revised Statute §13-3212. This statute defines child prostitution as a sex act involving a person under the age of 18, either willingly or against that individual’s will.

This statute also notes that any party who allows or otherwise forces a minor to participate in sex acts in exchange for money may face consequences equivalent to, if not more severe than, those that an adult might face if accused of prostitution. If you are facing any of these prostitution charges, it is vital that you contact a skilled attorney in Chandler right away.

Penalties for Prostituting in Chandler

police sirenBeyond the social stigma crimes like prostitution can bring against someone being charged, other serious consequences can result. Adults brought up on charges of prostitution can face fines of up to $2,500 and jail time of at least 15 days. Parties who have faced multiple charges of prostitution or who have a recorded history of similar convictions may see their jail time doubled.

Instances of child prostitution see the party who sought that child’s services punished in the eyes of the law. According to Arizona Revised Statute §13-3206, consequences for the prostitution of a child under the age of 15 range from 13 to 27 years in prison. The prostitution of a minor between 15 and 17 can see a person receive jail time of up to 21 years. Parties who did not know the age of the minor they engaged with may similarly face up to nine months in prison alongside a Class 6 felony.

Solicitation Versus Prostitution

While there are distinct differences between prostitution and solicitation charges, anyone facing allegations of one offense could also see themselves being charged with the other.

The primary point of overlap between solicitation and prostitution comes up in child prostitution cases.

In these cases, minors are rarely held responsible for the violation of affiliated Arizona statutes. Instead, as noted above, it is the party who sought out the services of a minor who may be charged with prostitution or even, in applicable cases, “pimping.” “Pimping,” or the sale of sex acts on behalf of another party, is highlighted by Arizona Revised Statute §13-3204 and constitutes a Class 5 felony.

For more information about the overlap between solicitation, prostitution, and their related consequences, you should speak with a Chandler lawyer.

Discuss Legal Options with a Chandler Prostitution Attorney

Let’s face it, prostitution charges in the State of Arizona can be confusing and could result in real-world lifelong consequences. If you are being charged with prostitution in Arizona, you require the knowledge and skill of a well-practiced defense attorney. A Chandler prostitution lawyer could help you better understand the charges that have been leveled against you and how you could subsequently defend yourself against them.

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