Chandler Restoration of Rights Lawyer 

It is well known that having a felony conviction on your record can have serious and life-long effects long after you have met all the requirements and faced all the consequences asked of you by the court in your case. However, one of the most serious is the loss of civil and gun rights. In addition to losing the right to bear arms and to vote, other rights are affected, including the right to serve on a jury, to hold certain public offices, eligibility for certain business or professional licenses, and public benefits related to loans or housing.

american flag and judge's gavelFortunately, you can restore your rights, with exceptions. Getting your civil rights restored can be a very confusing process without help from a well-practiced attorney. You must petition (ask) the court to have your rights restored for each individual conviction. Therefore, if you plead guilty or were found guilty in a court of law in different cases in different courts, you must be prepared to submit multiple applications to multiple courts, with each typically requiring slightly different information.  The prosecutor and the victim have an opportunity to respond and may even choose to oppose your application to restore your rights. For this reason, it is highly recommended to speak with a Chandler restoration of rights lawyer for experienced guidance.

What Happens After You Petition for Rights Restoration?

The best outcome to your application would be that the court sets aside your conviction, which serves to restore both your civil and gun rights. Oftentimes, it also allows you to answer “no” to certain questions regarding prior criminal convictions on applications and background checks (depending on the wording of the question).

However, even if the court denies a motion to set aside a conviction, the court can still restore all of your rights, or just your civil rights but not your gun rights.  An accomplished local attorney could help reduce the stress of handling this process alone and help maximize your chances of getting the best possible outcome when restoring your rights.

Potential Issues

Once your rights are restored, we have seen many cases where the courts fail to report a restoration of rights to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, which is the agency responsible for maintaining all Arizona criminal records.  We have also seen cases where the Department of Public Safety fails to update the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which maintains a federal database of criminal records.  Errors or omissions in your criminal history can result in erroneous denials when you attempt to purchase a firearm, register to vote, or issues when you apply for a job or housing.

Our Chandler-based firm handles restoration of rights cases in all Arizona courts.  As part of the process, we would conduct an in-depth review of your case, and assist you in gathering the materials and information that would maximize the likelihood of getting your conviction set aside and restoring your civil and gun rights.

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If a past conviction is preventing you from exercising your rights, please contact one of our Chandler restoration of rights lawyers today.  We could help with issues related to designated felonies, undesignated felonies, or misdemeanor convictions throughout Arizona.

If you or someone you care about have a felony conviction and have long met all the requirements and commitments set for to by the courts you deserve to have your rights restored. Call us for a complimentary strategy session today.