Chandler Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crime allegations can result from a variety of conduct, including unwelcome sexual touching, allegations of prostitution, or forced sexual violence. No matter the exact nature of the charges that a person is facing, they need to act quickly to protect their rights and their freedoms.

A conviction for any sexual offense will create a criminal record that impacts a person’s reputation. More serious charges can result in lengthy, sometimes mandatory, prison sentences and the requirement to register as a sex offender.

Hiring a Chandler sex crimes lawyer to represent your interests during these cases could help to protect your future. An accomplished defense attorney could work with you to explain the charges, discover any potential defense strategies, and put those strategies into effect in an attempt to defeat the prosecutor’s case.

Helping People to Avoid the Penalties Associated with Sex Crimes

man with hands cuffed behind his bent headAllegations alleging the commission of a sex crime can vary in seriousness. The harshest examples are those that allege sexual assault. These cases claim that a person engaged in sexual intercourse with another without the other’s consent. At a minimum, Arizona Revised Statute § 13-1406 says that sexual assault is a class 2 felony. The statute also says that the minimum penalty for a conviction is a little over five years in prison for a first offense. If aggravated circumstances exist, such as the infliction of serious physical injury, courts have the authority to impose a life sentence.

However, not every allegation of a sex crime is so severe. In fact, some offenses that fall under the umbrella of sex crimes are misdemeanors. A prominent example is the law prohibiting indecent exposure. Under AZ Rev. Stat, § 13-1402, first convictions are misdemeanors where a sentence can result in no more than six months in jail. Even so, first offenses are unlikely to end with this result. A Chandler attorney could help people to better understand the nature of their alleged sex offense and fight for a more beneficial outcome.

Fighting to Create Reasonable Doubt During Sex Crime Trials

Once a case moves into a Chandler court, sex crimes lawyer strives to create reasonable doubt concerning the prosecutor’s case. Always remember that a prosecutor must prove each element of the alleged crime. For example, AZ Rev. Stat. § 13-1406 defines a sexual assault as engaging in sexual intercourse or oral sex without the consent of the other party. It follows that a prosecutor must both prove that the sex act occurred and that the alleged victim did not consent.

Skilled Defense Attorneys aim to create reasonable doubt in many ways. They could argue that the methods that police used to obtain evidence were illegal. They could cross-examine witnesses to raise questions about their accuracy and credibility. Finally, they could introduce evidence that helps to bolster a defendant’s case in arguing that the event never occurred or that it occurred with the consent of the alleged victim. A dedicated defense lawyer could work to fully analyze the case and develop a defense that best suits each person’s unique circumstances.

Contact a Chandler Sex Crimes Attorney Now

Every moment following an arrest for a sex crime in Arizona is critical. Immediately after an arrest, police officers and detectives will work to gather evidence concerning the alleged event and to attempt to extract a confession. Having an attorney, early on, to begin fighting to protect your rights is essential every step of the way.

Reach out to a Chandler sex crimes lawyer today. They can work to help to fight these allegations, help to protect your reputation in the community, argue for fair bail, and dispute the need for protective orders long before a case goes to trial. In addition, they can argue before juries to create reasonable doubt that fights back against a prosecutor’s allegations. Contact our Team today to schedule a consultation.