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Obviously the older we get the more important it becomes to plan for after life to protect those we love. However, what about younger people? Many Arizonians may think they are too young to think about an estate plan, but having one is critical for adults of all ages and backgrounds. Younger people might also think that they do not need an estate plan until they have children, but this is not the case. Single people need to protect their income and make a plan for their care in case they become sick and can’t communicate their wishes. Partnered individuals need to make sure that their partner is cared for. When a person is young and healthy is the best time to begin thinking about an estate plan.

Did you know if you do not have a will the State of Arizona will decide who gets your money and assets? This results in expensive and time-consuming court proceedings that can end with your loved ones getting less than they would if you would have had a will in place.

Whether you are 18 or 80 years old, taking the important step plan ahead is the right decision. Call our experienced attorneys today for a free initial consultation. Many plans can be drafted in one visit yet can protect a lifetime.